Friday, May 29, 2020

Transmission 4320 - The Real Pandemic

Won't You Please Help?

Suicidal Tendencies
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
Black Bananas 
Loose Fur
Neil Young
Lou Reed
The Specials
Z Z Top
The Police
The Flys
The Futureheads
The Sniveling Shits
The Detroit Cobras
Connie Francis
Frank & Nancy Sinatra

"I'm feeling dumber than before""

How I Became Stupid by Martin Page

*I'm astounded by the parade of stupidity on display during this time of an incredibly serious and fact-based global-health pandemic, a loose-cannon idiotic President, more killer cops and race-relation riots circa 1968. 

Without insulting you or your beliefs - if you are reading this and still do not understand the enormous results of all this haphazard behavior - WTF are you thinking? 

Your family and friends are the people most apt to be harmed by a refusal to follow 
the basic laws, rules, morals and precautions. Anything other than basic care and civility is both 
selfish and inhumane.

Most of us are outraged for a myriad of reasons, but violence, racism in all it's forms
and/or ignorance of the offensiveness your words, messages and actions is not an answer or excuse!

 We might come out of this with great sadness, 
yet increased empathy, if we could all just 
smarten the fuck up.


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