Friday, December 29, 2006

Transmission 5406

Just give me any excuse to play Ronnie Lane with or without his fellow Faces, may they be Small or drunk, and I will get right to it. I received great news of the impending arrival of the new Ronnie Lane DVD "The Passing Show - The Life and Music Of Ronnie Lane" at the RFW studios! Unable to wait another minute for a Lane fix, we roll out today's offering.

We hear a few from Ronnie's Slim Chance band, 1 from his collaboration with Pete Townshend, 2 from the Small Faces and 1 from each of the 4 Faces studio releases. We then continue in a Lane inspired set from the old Small Faces front man Steve Marriott and his Humble Pie, Mr. Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones featuring Ron Wood. I could of went on for days!

Let's have one for Ronnie - Cheers!

T5406 (the last 1 hour show of 2006) is a 58.6MB 128K mp3 1:02:36 in length made loud to be played loud!

"I was born a human baby-many years ago"


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