Saturday, May 15, 2010

Transmission 2010

Spit* was the inspired name of a nightclub that opened in 1980 on Lansdowne Street (the location of Fenway Park, the second site of the legendary Boston Tea Party and my broadcasting school**) in my hometown of Boston. The decor was chain link on mirror on black leather. The music was punk du jour and all of it's inspirations, tributaries and offshoots. The Music Director of the club was my oldest radio brother Oedipus*** and the Saturday night DJ was one of my best friends (still) Tony V! My alter ego Wave Dohlman, would occasionally spin at Spit and his angle was to get people to dance to music that they normally would not associate with the club or with dancing (there was nothing like watching a bunch of punks pogo to Shaun Cassidy!). Which leads us to this collection of non-standard dance ditties, which is not necessarily from the Spit era, but inspired by Wave's modus operandi and the memories of a nightclub like no other!

Cut a rug with Talking Heads, Nikengas, Axiom Funk, Funkadelic, Hawaiian Pups, Jean Pierre Massiera's Hercule, Primal Scream, Soft Cell and Haruomi Hosono!

T2010 is a 57.2mb 128k mp3 1:02:31 in length made loud to play loud!

"keychains of snow storms"


* A Spit 3oth Anniversary Reunion was held in Boston on May 3rd (another great one that I missed) and I hear that there was an amazing turnout. Congrats to Patrick Lyons and all of the Spit staff and regulars. See the pictures here!

** I went to broadcasting school at Career Academy School of Broadcasting in the Fenway section of Boston from 1973 to 1974. I was very lucky to have the inspirational Tony Cennamo as a teacher, mentor and friend. I havn't thought of Tony for many years and today found that he is now 75 and living in a nursing home in Boston. Check him out - he is one the coolest people to ever get behind a mic!

*** Oedipus, who I worked with at WTBS/WMBR, Cambridge and at the late WBCN, Boston (where he was the PD for many years) has hosted seminal radio shows including the Demi Monde and Nocturnal Emissions - he is now online with The Oedipus Project - listen today - this is the real deal!


Steve said...

The late 'BCN? Damn! I airchecked it every time I was in Boston. At one time, that was pretty frequently. Guess I ought to dig out those tapes...

Radio Free Wohlman said...

Hi Steve,

'BCN followed the fate of many of the great stations when it was killed by CBS last summmer (see my July 15th post on RFW).

A sad day in the history of radio.


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