Saturday, November 13, 2010

Transmission 6210

Hal, the computer brain of RFW,  is plugged back in for a 2-hour + trip that ends with a race to the finish line in Argungu, Nigeria! Along the way the sounds are provided by Mott, British Lions, Joe Elliot's Down 'N' Outz, T. Rex, Spiritualized, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Roky Erickson & Okkervil River, Ron Wood, Bob Dylan, The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson, Squeeze, Paul McCartney & Wings, The Rockets, Crazy Horse, Buffalo Spingfield, The Dave Clarke 5, Neil Merryweather/John Richardson/Boers, Spirit, Cymande, Augustus "Gussie" Clarke, Fela Kuti, Suzi Quatro, Bruce Springsteen and Baker-Gurvitz Army.

T6210 is 2-part 128k mp3 made loud to be played loud!

Part 1 is 55.7mb and 1:00:50 in length.

Part 2 is 60.5 mb and 1:06:10 in length.

"he kept his tiger black, white and red"



Kevin said...


I think both of your streaming buttons link to Part 2 of the show. I could be wrong....I've been wrong before.....I have every confidence in this mission, Dave

Radio Free Wohlman said...

I could blame it on Hal - but that would be a lie. Chalk that one up to human - no - Wohlman error!

Thanks for the heads up Kevin!

Dave RFW

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