Thursday, September 13, 2012


This Saturday will mark the start of  my seventh year of hosting and producing Radio Free Wohlman. The process and product is still very near and dear to me, but much has changed. Although the past twelve months have proven to be the most turbulent in my life - during this time I have lost much, but gained an equal amount. Much of the inspiration for the RFW Transmissions of this period was born from sadness, fear and insecurity. Concepts such as love, commitment and friendship where reevaluated and redefined. But out of the depths arose a renewed sense of spirituality, a reawakening of my paternal responsibilities and a new found respect for the talents I was lucky enough to have been blessed with. The realization that a majority of the past decade has been wrought with untruths, deception and secrecy has opened my eyes and soul to what the future must be built upon.

The truly interesting part of this tale is that the events that transpired have fueled some of the most defining creativity of my career. I realized how much of the music I identified with for all my life came from authors and musicians in the same emotional well. It is a case of RFW honestly becoming a "form of therapy" and the artists serving as my melodic medicine.

I am so proud of the fact that the ever-growing RFW Family has amassed to over 185,000 strong in 188 countries. Know that your compliments of approval, enjoyment and relatability are appreciated and your criticisms of taste, texture and temperment are examined - but understand that none influence the output. Six years of refining what RFW should be have culminated in what RFW is:

No compromise!

No concessions!



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