Sunday, October 28, 2012

Transmission 10712

A 4 Act Play inspired by Pablo Picasso, Merete Smith and the potentially addictive emotion of longing and hoping.

Act 1 - Catch It By The Tail grabs you with Prefab Sprout, Tuxedomoon, Sean Lennon, The Sound, U2 and Deerhunter.

Act 2 - Makes You Want What You Can't Have is tempting because of The Mighty Diamonds, Betty Davis, The O'Jays, James Brown, Donna Summer and Jimi Hendrix.

Act 3 - A Self-Serving Creature changes your mind by sounding the The Crystals, Devo, Bjork, New Dawn, 999 and Zior.

Act 4 - Desire Is A Form Of Bondage ties things up with Alejandro Escovedo, The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach, Muse, Tame Impala and Fifty Foot Hose!

T10712 is a 2-Part 128k mp3 made loud to be played louder!

Part 1 is 56.1mb and 1:01:21 in length!

Part 2 is 54.4mb and 59:29 in length!

"I've got six things on my mind, and you're no longer one of them"


* "Desire Caught By The Tail" is a surrealistic play written by Pablo Picasso in 1941.

** Merete Smith, a woman well versed in the subject of desire and one of my best and trusted friends, gets the coveted RFW Executive Director title for her thematic influence! Thanks M!

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