Friday, May 31, 2013

Transmission 4913-2
I love music so much, and the people that choose to use their gift to serenade us are my heroes. Then there are the special artists that actually help inform my life. At the top of the short-list is Brian Wilson.
Along with his brothers, cousin and fellow band mates, he disguised complicated and complex compositions of life and love in deceptively simple songs of teenage fun and sun.
Out of the music made, nothing invokes the warmth of the summer sun like the sounds made by The Beach Boys! Enjoy lots of it and inspired selections from Roy Wood, Chris White and Mark Eric!
T14913 is a mb 160k mp3 1:00:00 in length made loud to be played louder (preferably on a blanket by the sea)!
"Well it's been building up inside of me, for, oh, I don't know how long"
 *For those of you keeping meticulous notes, This actually should have been T5013!


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