Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boston Strong and Pissed!

I am a firm believer in exercising the liberties granted to all US citizens by our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. With the creative interpretations of those rights by past and present politicians, the covert use of inhumane treatment of friends and foes, the ever-intruding  and increasing surveillance of our population and the lemming-like acceptance of these very questionable actions by many of our family, friends and neighbors - there comes a point where you just need to say - enough!
Guns killing babies VS the right to bear arms.
Laws that protect murderers VS compassion and restraint.
The idolization and beautification of evil people VS common decency.
I do not question Rolling Stone magazine or any media source's right to publish any photo or fact-related investigative article. I abhor censorship of any kind! What I do take offense to, is when these said criminals and killers are glamorized for the use of titillation resulting in sales!
I would have rather seen another picture of Justin Beiber pissing in a bucket or Mick Jagger with a Viagra induced 4-hour erection on the cover of this other-wise fine magazine and then read the article about this monster rather than to see the suspected perpetrator of The Boston Marathon Bombings given the Adonis treatment.
Sometimes doing the right thing trumps having the right to do the wrong thing!


Jim H. said...

i'm with ya, brother....ben living here in Boston since 85, and to those who don't live here, that week of the Boston Marathon was one weird weird week.....i don't think anyone would say that RS doesn't have the RIGHT to run this story, but the cover photo and much of the text i've heard tends to be on the touchy feely 'isn't he a cute young guy dragged into badness by his evil brother'...the article doesn't tell people about the bombs he was involved in making and arming, or the warm, lovely mother of the bomber who shoplifted so many clothes from Boston area department stores, she can't come back to the US without arrest, not to mention the innocent people killed and others maimed for no reason other than wanting to watch or participate in a road portray this maggot as some kind of romantic hero is misleading and hugely insensitive, and sadly indicative of the word we're living in 2 cents

madelineb03 said...

Well said!

madelineb03 said...

Well said!!!!

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