Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, Sweet Lorraine


I believe in love. It is indeed a drug. It can thrill and delight and it can suck and hurt. But to live without love is akin to a life without music, or children or the touch of someone who really cares. I was really touched by this story. Tell the people you care about from your past, present and future that you love them, today - before it is too late.
Fred Stobaugh is a 96-year-old man living in Peoria, Illinois who lost his beloved wife of 73 years, Lorraine, in April of 2013.

Fred decided to write the love of his life a song, and enter a songwriting contest. He mailed in a handwritten set of lyrics rather than submitting it by You-Tube as were the rules of the contest.
"Oh' Sweet Lorraine, I wish we could do the good times all over again.
“Oh' Sweet Lorraine, life only goes around once but never again.”
He didn’t win the contest, but the owners of Green Shoe Studio were so touched by depth of Fred’s love that they had the song recorded and then visited him to let him hear it.
“Oh' Sweet Lorraine” is now No. 10 on I-Tunes and has been viewed on You-Tube over a million and a half times.
Lorraine - “just the prettiest girl I ever saw” - was a very lucky and loved woman.

Fred, you are my favorite person in the world today!



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