Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reach Out In It!

Transmission 1814
An unexpected thread of darkness continually appears in the sliver of light created by Chet Powers, Jesse Colin-Young, Robert Plant, Peter Dayton, The Beatles, Big Star, Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Stranglers, Jimmy Witherspoon, White Stripes, Material, The Meters and War.
T1814 is a 183mb 320k mp3 1:20:03 in length made loud to be played louder!
"take away, take away the pain of knowing, fill the emptiness of right now"
*The first ever RFW bonus set hidden on the side without light includes lunar lunacy from The Sixting Music, Robbie Kreiger & Gary Green and The Flaming Lips featuring Pink!

**Special thanks to Coach Lane for fatalistic factuality and intuitive thematic direction!

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