Friday, October 17, 2014

Hail, Hail!

Transmission 6514

If you can't do it, somebody will! Get back to the basics with Sunny Dae & The Knights, The Velvet Underground, Luke Haines, Garland Jeffreys, Gary Glitter, Hoodu Gurus, Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band, Primal Scream, Ian Hunter, Ramones, Dave Edmunds, The Rolling Stones, Henry Kaiser, T. Rex and David Bowie.

T6514 is a 142mb 320k mp3 1:02:14 in length made loud to be played louder!

"It comes from r&b and soul"


*I was rocking out to the Transmission and I noticed I did not mention that the third song in my "NYC Trilogy" was Garland Jeffreys "Hail Hail Rock & Roll". There is not a bad album in his discography, but I highly recommend "Don't Call Me Buckwheat" released in 1992!

**There are many opinions as to The First Rock & Roll Song. It is my humble opinion that it was "My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll" by Tampa Red & The Hokum Jug Band. It was recorded in 1929, 25 years before "Rock Around The Clock" and it also featured the first simulated orgasm (by Frankie "Half Pint" Jaxon), 46 years before Donna Summers and Giorgio Moroder brought sex back onto the dance floor with "Love To Love You Baby" in 1975!

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