Monday, February 09, 2015

~And The Winner Is - Not Invited~


I have a deep respect for musicians and producers and their gift to create, compose and perform but the Grammy Awards show does not even attempt to reflect the wide-range of talent available. It is a TV show that is after maximum ratings and revenue. 

Here are a few comments about last night's show, which I watched like a gruesome train wreck:

AC~DC was product placement - no doubt they payed to play. 

As much as I love Beatle Paul - he has been trying to penetrate the urban market for decades with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and now West. Guess what Mr. M - it is not going to happen - you are too vanilla. Kanye wants pop credibility - to these ears you aren't what you think you are - don't quit your rap day-job. He tried to take the stage upon the Beck LP of the Year win (very surprising - but deserving?), and was critical to the press that Beyonce should have won. He should have been arrested and be banned from every Grammy Awards in the future...the way the lead guitarist for the Snivelling Shits would be if in a parallel universe they were invited to the party and he broke the rules. 

Jeff Lynne doing an old ELO song was fun, but nothing more than a bone to the upper-demo caucasian non-existent viewer and nothing more. 

It's all so disposable. There is not one song that anyone will remember next year, except for Cheek To Cheek and that was written by Irving Berlin in 1935! 

I should know better....we live in an American Idol / The Voice world and I'm a Gong Show kind of' guy. George Gobel once asked " did you ever get the feeling that the world was a tuxedo and you are a pair of brown shoes"?

In all fairness, Annie Lennox's voice is a force of nature. Beyonce doing the gospel hymn was really good - a saving grace, she is a genuine talent. Legend and Common killed it too - they saved the best for last - strings and a chorus - Glory!

There are great records being released every day, month and year - but you will never hear them on prime-time corporate radio and TV - there's no $ and that trumps good music every time!


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