Friday, March 06, 2015

~Deeply Loud~

Transmission 2315

I have always and continue to love bands that make noise. Steve Marriott's feedback in Small Faces, Jimi's guitar screaming in Experienced pain as it burned in Monterey, Coltrane's squall of impassioned blowing,  Pete and Keith smashing The Who's gear, Thurston and Lee paving an expressway to yr skull as the opening act for Neil and Crazy Horse who ultimately beat Sonic Youth at their own game! Fripp and Belew's Crimson, Acid Mothers Temple, Yoko & John's Plastic Ono Band, John Zorn - the list goes on and on - the noisier the better!

But there's a group that seems to never be included in this exclusive and impressive club. The spotlight is justly shined on what might be one of the noisiest of the bunch - enjoy Deep Purple live at The Open Air Pop-Festival in Aachen on July 11, 1970 - a glorious racket!

T2315 is a 1:012:16 165mb 320k mp3 made louder to be played loudest! 

"alright, you mothers"


*DP Mach II included Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Richie Blackmore!

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