Friday, July 24, 2015

Transmission 4415 ~ TantricTunes

Hard, soft, fast or slow - it all works (every time) and we have sixty minutes to get it done! Allow me to guide you to total satisfaction with the help of Billy Ward & the Dominoes, NRBQ, Dave Edmunds, Wilco, Dr. John, Johnny Jenkins, Elvis Costello & the Attractions, The Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger and The Plastic Ono Mothers!

T4415 is a 1:02:16 320k mp3 that you can download here

"you're a dildo, I'm a whore""


* Intended to be a Yoko solo release, she and John concluded the recording sessions for "Walking On Thin Ice" on December 8, 1980 during which he added his impressive lead guitar (his final creative act). It was upon their return from the recording studio that Chapman fired a shot still heard around the world. Lennon was clutching a tape of a final mix when he murdered. It was released at the end of January 1981 as a single and became Ono's first chart success, peaking at # 58 in the US and gaining major club/underground airplay. I remember playing it on WBCN, Boston and at SPIT, where the crowd danced to it enthusiastically. The song and Yoko remain a RFW favorite!

"Walking on thin ice,
I'm paying the price
For throwing the dice in the air.
Why must we learn it the hard way
And play the game of life with your heart?
I gave you my knife,
You gave me my life
Like a gush of wind in my hair.
Why do we forget what's been said
And play the game of life with your hearts?
I may cry some day,
But the tears will dry whichever way.
And when our hearts return to ashes,
It'll be just a story,
It'll be just a story."

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