Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rock And Roll Can Cure Dogs!

1976 was an incredible year for me. I was a 20 year old local working as the manager of the original Strawberries Records at Boylston and Exeter in Boston, had my first radio show at (then) WTBS, 88.1, Cambridge and spent afternoons on the 50th floor of the Prudential in the WBCN air-studio with Maxanne Sartori (arguably the most musically influential person in Boston Airwave history). On January 9th, all those worlds collided when I played Gloria on WTBS from the newly released Patti Smith Group debut Horses, hosted Patti at Strawberries for an in-store autograph session and watched Max emcee the PSG at a historic appearance at the fabled Jazz Workshop that was broadcast live on WBCN!

What a day!


Click the pic for another taste!

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