Thursday, May 05, 2016

Transmission 2516 - Loco Cinco

Foiled, bleeding, breathless, furious to the last,         
  Full in the centre stands the bull at bay, 
  Mid wounds, and clinging darts, and lances brast, 
  And foes disabled in the brutal fray: 
  And now the matadores around him play, 
  Shake the red cloak, and poise the ready brand:         
  Once more through all he bursts his thundering way, 
  Vain rage! the mantle quits the conynge hand, 
Wraps his fierce eye,—’t is past,—he sinks upon the sand!

The Bull
The Matador
(but The Senorita loves only the victor!)

Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass
Flo & Eddie
Raymond Scott
Elvis Presley
The Paladins
Garland Jeffries
Billy Cobham
Faith No More
Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi
Rage Against The Machine
Sonic Youth
Lee Fields & The Devil's personal Band
Joe Bonamassa

"His suit of light
He wears to fight
It's not too tight
It fits just right
He prays tonight
For he must fight
He must fight
De bull"


* The poetic excerpt is from The Bull Fight by Lord Byron (1788–1824)

Bugs Bunny- Bully For Bugs (1953) by TheCryptoCrew

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