Friday, June 03, 2016

Transmission 3516 - Teen Thrills To Funk You Up

What starts bubblegum sweet, ends as a worm-riddled soul-stew.

Chew it up!

The Sweet
The Osmonds
Shaun Cassidy
The Struts
The Vines
The Donkeys
The Bees
Fleetwood Mac
Savoy Brown
The Original Animals
Alice Cooper
Trans Am
Sly & The Family Stone

Miles Davis**


"hey! Is that you? Is that still you?You're looking mighty New Wave. I hardly recognized you with that shish-kabob thru your face! But that's alright.


*The version of the classic "Maggot Brain" was lovingly performed by the Head Maggot Overlord and the US Funk Mob featuring Michael "Kid Funkadelic" Hampton
 playing his ass off in tribute to the late-great Eddie Hazel.

**Tonight's T3616 RFW After-Hours  
features the entire second set of Miles Davis and band 
at The Shaboo Inn, Willimantic, CT on January 25, 1974.

T3616 After Hours

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