Friday, July 29, 2016

Transmission 4616 - Kiss This

A kiss - deadly or sweet
or when done well,

Harry Nilsson
The Everly Brothers
Ellie Greenwich
Pearl Jam
J. Geils Band
Blue Oyster Cult
New York Dolls
Generation X
The Replacements
Scott Weiland
White Zombie
Jack White 
Swamp Dogg
The Meters
 Siouxsie & The Banshees
Joni Mitchell
Britney Spears
Yoko Ono featuring Peaches
Hall & Oates
Peter Gabriel
Bryan Ferry

"never knew what I missed until I kissed ya"


In the upper half of the poster, there's a torso painting of a man embracing a woman. He's kissing her neck just below her left ear. The man is wearing a business suit. The woman is in a strapless gown; her skin is bare above her chest. She's leaning away from the man, with her eyes open and a quizzical expression; she's holding a small pistol in her right hand, which is dangling loosely. In the upper right corner, the words "Blood Red Kisses!" are lettered in red. In the middle of the poster, and just below the right corner of the painting of the couple, the phrase "Mickey Spillane's Latest H-Bomb" is lettered. Below the left corner: "White Hot Thrills" is lettered. Below the center is a painting of parted red lips with "Kiss Me Deadly" lettered on them; in smaller letters above the lips is "Parklane Pictures presents". There's a small billing block at the lower left of the poster: "starring Ralph Meeker/ with Albert Dekker - Paul Stewart - Juano Hernandez/ Produced and directed by Robert Aldrich / screenplay by A. I. Bezzerides/ Released through United Artists". There are several small paintings of scenes from the film scattered around the poster.

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