Thursday, September 08, 2016

Are You Ready For Something New?

The only thing that does not change is constant change!

The Universe, our planet, we as a species and you in particular are in a never-ending process of expansion, reduction and mutation. 

As Radio Free Wohlman enters into it's second decade, there is a tangible air of evolution, yet the guiding foundation it was built on in September of 2006 is as solid as a rock.

Stream Of Consciousness Content
Conceptual Continuity
Musical Meandering

Sounds that are non-genre/gender specific and color blind.

A celebration of kitchen-sink mentality and everything in it!

Our dysfunctional family has grown to over 500,000 unique sets of ears visiting regularly from 
194 countries and each day brings new blood into our fold.

I am humbled, motivated and impressed by your loyalty and the fact that you get it! 

If none of you were there, I would do RFW for myself,
but you are here, so let's do it together for another 10 years!

Much Love

Dave RF Wohlman

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