Saturday, March 25, 2017

Transmission 2417 - Is It The Drummer Or The Drum?

Bang on this!

Herbie Hancock
Dino, Desi & Billy
Michael Nesmith
The Waterboys
African Head Charge
Sun Ra
Adrian Belew
Todd Rundgren
James Brown

"I don't want to work"


*Is It The Drummer Or The Drum? 
is both the title of today's RFW Transmission and a question inspired by 
an impressive performance by 
Kodō (鼓童), 
the internationally renowned taiko drumming troupe based in Sado, Japan.


The various translations of Kodō, 
"children of the drum" and "heartbeat", 
are both very appropriate and actually supply the answer.


These amazingly fluid drummers were so at one with each other
and their instruments that it was as if they were percussive offspring and siblings.
Whether delicately fingering, playfully partnering or furiously pounding
the synchronicity on display and sounds created 
sent one's pulse into overdrive.


Celebrating their 35th anniversary, the Dadan 2017 tour,
 overseen by Artistic Director Tamasaburo Bando,
 is that rare combination of transcending spirituality and sheer physicality
 with the audience transported from meditative serenity to explosive attention
 and all stops in between.

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Future dates are scheduled for the remainder of the year throughout Japan including the 
Earth Celebration 2017, Aug. 18–20 on Sado Island, Niigata. 
Visit the Kodō site for details.

The host of Kodō Dadan 2017 at Symphony Hall, Boston is also
New England's major presenting organization with over 100 performance
and outreach activities annually.
Their mission to present world-class performing artists
who inspire and enrich our community is on full display at any of
the Celebrity Series of Boston upcoming events

Thank you for listening to RFW and supporting the world-wide arts community!

Kodo review photo credit: Robert Torres (thanks Robert)!

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