Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Transmission 4117 - Bonjour

Electric Sounds 

Jean Michele Jarre



*Sometimes a reputation or hype can be a real negative when going to an anticipated concert. The artist's best days might be behind them and or the PR is of the store-bought variety. 

Neither was the case when Jean Michel Jarre appeared on Boston's waterfront. The marque read the "Electronica" Tour which struck me as odd since the term didn't even exist when Jarre began creating music with synths. But in keeping with his recent releases of the same name, the familiar longer multi-section pieces were punctuated with shorter more current sounding electric applications. to great affect. 

Highlights included classics such as "Oxygene", "Equinox" and the wonderful "Souvenir of China", but as expected - the lasers, lights, graphics and Jean Michel himself made the plugged-in evening an experience to remember! 

You can find the remaining tour dates here.

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