Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Transmission 7418 - Innocence & Guilt

~Moral Innocence 
as the negative counterpart to 
Moral Guilt~

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"help me to escape from this lunatic inheritance"


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*In Innocence Uncovered by Elizabeth S. Dodd and Carl E. Findley III, the authors argue that moral innocence ought to be interpreted in terms of illusion and inability. The innocent hold certain illusions about the moral order that make them unable to engage in practices constitutive of the moral community. Specifically, the morally innocent falsely believe that a life of moral purity – that is, a life devoid of wrongdoing – is possible to achieve. This illusion is based on the following three elements characteristic of an immature and rudimentary understanding of moral interaction: the belief that human nature has only a propensity for goodness; the belief that following ethical rules is sufficient to avoid transgressing moral values; and the inability to see oneself as a perpetual source of wrongdoing.


Timing is a key element in one's life. Observing patience while awaiting the most effective and beneficial time to go public with an announcement, revelation or accusation is tantamount to success.

 Position, prosperity, or the type of life lived after committing a crime, undetected or not, means nothing in determining guilt.

The relief and justice brought about by priests outed as pedophiles, employers exposed as discriminating or politicians displaying hypocrisy by touting the moral high-road while covering up immoral practices have no time-limit. A statute of limitations might prevent legal punishment, but the court of public opinion does not close at 5pm.

Trump is the most obvious abuser of these times, if only because of his status, yet others are falling from grace left and right and being removed from prominent positions because of a possibility of guilt -  not a smoking gun. Why - because the person free from wrong-doing is a rare instance. But who wants a possible psychopathic poster model on the team.

 It never mattered that they are real nice because innocence is no barometer for guilt! Starting from the top down, we move on to the next qualified candidate and hope that their humanity, empathy and intelligence outweigh their indiscretions (which are hopefully of the tolerable or benign variety).

When we as a nation start to reward guilt with absolution or advancement and condemn innocence with ridicule or even worse, to ignore the true victim  - we have truly lost our way.

 It's time to take to the streets to vote, protest and bring a peaceful and swift end to this
offensive and corrosive behavior.

Once again,
The whole world is watching!

Dave RFW

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