Saturday, September 30, 2006

HAL 1 - "I'm Afraid Dave"

While still missing items in the Radio Free Wohlman studio (like the microphone!), everything else is in place to start occasional backward progressions we will call The HAL Files. Tonight's offering took on a rather spaced out direction which soon spiraled out of control (or is there a method to the madness?). HAL1 is a Megaupload 320KBS/143MB/MP3 file approximately 62 minutes in length. I welcome your feedback or content questions.

Hats off to Yin & Yan for The Radio Free Wohlman intro/outro officially entitled "Walkie-Talkie Sunrise/Walkie-Talkie Sunset" which you can hear on Hal1 and that can be found on the EMI Records release "Tales For Heads". This 1975 comedy album has been a part of my radio show since it's release and it is so rare I could not find a copy of the cover on the web (maybe you can help?)

The duo, late voice-over star Bill Mitchell and 60's Radio Caroline DJ Chris Sandford, together as Yin and Yan scored a Top 30 hit in England with their spoof of a Telly Savalas hit version of the Bread classic "If".

If you ever stumble across the lp or the single buy it!

Play loud for maximum effect(what?),


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Anonymous said...

You haven't found the album cover on the net? Try

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