Monday, September 25, 2006

Is There Anybody Out There?

I am very busy here at Radio Free Wohlman adding the finishing touches to the new equipment. Starting soon, I hope you will join me for my daily walks thru The Wohlman Archives! I will be posting 1 hour shows Monday thru Friday and a 2 hour show on Saturday (and on Sunday he rested).

Part test and part fitting kick off to RFW, here is a muiscal tip of the hat to the high cinema of "Vanishing Point " from Primal Scream.

You can find "Kowalski" (Megaupload) on the Primal Scream release "Vanishing Point". Buy it!

You can find the film "Vanishing Point" at your finest local DVD emporium. It is also worthy of your your hard earned savings.

"the last American to whom speed means freedom of the soul." - Super Soul

Bye for now,


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Welcome Dave (I have no problem talking to myself)!

I know I'll be counting the days until your first transmission!

Doppelganger Wohlman

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