Saturday, February 17, 2007


A great comment from a RFW listener in France led to our all-star jam session and I thank him for the suggestion! A show from the Jazz Wing of the Wohlman Archives was long overdue. We made up for lost time by getting right to live Miles Davis and Bobby Previte & Horse doing Miles! The proceedings heat up with genre blurring sessions from John McLaughlin and Tony William's Lifetime and two featuring Pat Metheny, one with Ornette Coleman and the other from Kenny Garrett. The show ends with two of the masters - John Coltrane with Pharoah Sanders and Pharoah with his own band from the classic Karma.

HAL23 is a 2 part 128k mp3 made loud to be played loud!

Part 1 is 56MB and 1:01:14 in length.

Part 2 is 61MB and 1:06:52 in length.

"The Creator Has A Master Plan"



jazzfretless1 said...

Thank U for that GREAT show, I greatly appreciate your eclectism in music and your high feelings. i am agree with you (of course) when you propose to produce another show about jazz that rocks ! A few words about me : I was DJ of an uderground club between Paris and Brussels in the early seventies : Deep purple, Colosseum, Cat Stevens, Magma, Jean-luc Ponty, Henri Texier = Aldo Romano, Kevin Ayers, Rory Gallagher, Mike Oldfield, Gong, Groundhogs, Brian Auger, Aynsley Dunbar, Pete Brown (songwriter of Cream), and so on... have performed on this club stage. I'm completely addict of (good) music since my prime !
Happy to be one of your supporter !


Hi Friendly,

Thanks for listening and for the kind words!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the Jazz show and I will do another one in the near future!

I love all the bands you listed and will play a few this week!

Please keep in touch!


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