Thursday, February 01, 2007

Transmission 2407

Stephen Stills once said, " That's why we called the group Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) and not The Spiders, or something. Everybody would have a chance to Carry On their solo careers and do what we wanted in any combination we wanted, in order to make it as interesting as possible, continually updating our relationships and our approaches to music, always open to other influences". It was a prophetic statement that perfectly summarized the brilliant careers of these four master musicians. From the ashes of Buffaloes, Hollies and Byrds rose a group whose names are immediately recognized individually and yet indelibly synonymous with each other!

On today's transmission of RFW, we shine the spotlight on each of the four performing a song that they wrote and end with a rare live recording of C,S,N & Y at the Fillmore East in 1970. We start the show in jail with The Rolling Stones, Primal Srceam and The Clash!

T2407 is a 55.6MB 128k mp3 1:00:50 in length made loud to be played loud!

"Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground".


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