Monday, June 18, 2007

Transmission 12107

It was exactly 40 years ago that the Monterey International Pop Festival set the scene of what was to become the Summer Of Love! The show was the first of it's kind in the US and ended up being very successful! Musically it is a high-water mark and a perfect melding of the the 1967 music scene. We do a mini-version of the 3 day love-in that includes Papa John Phillips welcoming the crowd and introducing The Association, followed by The Electric Flag, Jefferson Airplane, the blazing Jimi Hendrix Experience, the amazing Ravi Shankar, Country Joe & The Fish, The Byrds, and The Mamas & The Papas with Cass Elliott who brought the festival and our show to an end!

T12107 is a 58.1MB 128k mp3 1:03:32 in length made loud to be played loud!

"Even the cops grooved with us - do you believe me yea"



FRANK D said...

Dave I watched the special on the Monterey Festival on VH1 Classics last night Great Stuff.,./.\\


Hi Frank,

I saw that special as well! I can not believe that it was 40 years ago!

I love the Shankar stuff!


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