Friday, June 06, 2008

Transmission 11408

In 1928, Ellas Bates was born in McComb, Mississippi. At first he played the violin, he then went to the diddley bow. To celebrate the loss of one of rock & roll's original architects, we feature Bo Diddley, UFO, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Woolies, Juicy Lucy, The Band with Ronnie Hawks and Quicksilver Messenger Service. We'll miss you Bo!

T11408 is a 79.4mb 128k mp3 1:26:45 in length made loud to be played loud!

"Who Do You Love?"



Tony Fantano said...

Hey I work at KYOU radio in SF, where your show is broadcast on-air on 1550 am.
Your rock is rad, and you know how to produce a radio show with passion and integrity I appreciate it. I would like to stay in contact with you. Check out my blog. Keep the rock alive and steady.

Anonymous said...

Thank you !!!

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