Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Left - Right - Forward - But Never Backward!

"I went to the crossroad, fell down on my knees"
On this day, which kicks off the 8th year of Radio Free Wohlman, I find myself at a crossroad no less dramatic than the fabled junction depicted by Robert Johnson, so many years ago.
Rather than having decisive choices to make, life has presented to me a series of events where the path to travel is more pre-ordained.
After 24 years of being with the woman I loved, and the subsequent emotionally draining divorce, warmth has found a way back into my heart.
After 30 years, a move from the West Coast of America back home to the Boston area has turned out to be therapeutic and rewarding.
After 39 years, I have revisited the people and experience of working at the fabled radio station where I started my professional career and I've also agreed to join a new impressive radio family. 
After 57 years, I have rejected a learned lifestyle of cynicism and mistrust and have adopted a firm life code of gentleness, kindness and humility.
Good people you trust are capable of doing bad things.
Strangers are often willing to sacrifice themselves to save others.
Politicians and self-appointed advisors will never cease stooping to amazing lows of self-grandiosity.
Friends and family will astound you with supporting acts of selflessness.

Agents of ill-will posing as friends and family can and will take you where you should not go.
And most appropriate for this day, music continues to reveal itself to me as the true international language.
You and the over 245,000 other listeners in 193 countries, that have become part of my every-day RFW life, have proven to me that my vision of sharing with the world, my gift and the talents of the wonderful musicians, whom are my heroes, is working.
Rather than "sinkin' down", I believe I'll rise up to make the next year the best I have ever lived, through sheer effort and faith in myself, God and humanity.

The key is me - and you - us.
Thanks for your ears and let the celebration begin!

* Special love goes out to my boys - Curtis & Derek, my friends - especially my best friends - Vincent & Monique, my family and in particular my sister - Louella (who introduced me to rock and roll at a tender age) and YOU (you know who you are). I truly could not have made it to this place and space in time without you all.


Frank DiMarzo Jr said...

Amen to that Brother Dave glad to have you back home

Radio Free Wohlman said...

It's good to be back!


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