Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Acme Of Realism!


This September marks the start of the 9th year of Radio Free Wohlman! We''ll celebrate together with a month of special themes, concerts and our usual walks through the Archives, but first a short state of my mind report.

Personally - music is as important to me as air, food, sleep and love! It informs, soothes, motivates and relaxes me, while also giving me immense pleasure, a point of reference and a thread of continuity that connects my past, present and future.

Professionally - music has been my career all of my working life. I was first hired into radio because of my "ears" (that God given ability to hear music differently than most), as a selector (the intuitive knowledge of what works well together) and as a host (to entertain and inform).

Socially - it has proven to be for me the true international language, the common denominator, the conduit to all others no matter their gender, heritage, age or musical preference.

My Transmissions allow me to utilize music in all three ways.

In 2006, it was a dream to just have the ability to undertake the journey and hear it myself. In 2014, our extended family includes you and over 300,000 like you in 194 countries around  the globe.

I humbly thank you for your musical-kinship, loyalty, time and attention.

World Wide RFWohlman - what a concept.

Rock On!


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