Friday, September 19, 2014

You Got To Take A Pill!

Transmission 5814

Right in the middle of the RFW 9th Anniversary Celebration, I caught a bug of the cold variety and tried my best to use homeopathic relief, to no avail. I finally took a time released medicinal remedy and went to bed at 10 pm. I was awoken by distant urges, still feeling miserable, but wired to the point of surrendering to the artificial energy. The activity choices included read a book (currently re-reading Stephen King's The Talisman), watch TV (maybe The Three Stooges are on) or call an unsuspecting conversation victim (everyone's sleeping anyway). I instead used the magic of wi-fi to sit in my bed untethered and utilize the RFW Mobile Studio to mesh together this fever-dream Transmission starring Haruomi Hosono & Yokoo Tandori, Cabaret Voltaire, Aphex Twin, SBTRKT, Pan Sonic, Anjou and Klaus Schulze!

T5814 is a 155mb 320k mp3 1:07:44 in length made quietly to be played louder! 

"Voices In My Head"


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