Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Can You (Shin)Dig It?

I was 8 when Shindig! hosted by Jimmy O'Neil debuted on ABC in September, 1964!

The Beatles were featured in an early Shindig! broadcast taped in London.

Little Eva performed The Loco-Motion on Shindig in March of 1965.

The house band, The Shindogs featured Delaney Bramlett on lead vocals.
James Burton on lead guitar and Glen D Harding on organ.
Here they are with the Shin-diggers
(that briefly included Terry Garr) !


Here's a complete spooky episode from October of 1965
brought to by Stridex pads
(that can still wipe-out your pimples).

This was from a 1991 Shindig! retrospective!

Even Micky and Minnie dug Shindig!

In September 1965, the show was moved out of its Wednesday-night timeslot against The Beverly Hillbillies and was split into two half-hours on Thursdays and Saturdays.

It faced-off with Daniel Boone and The Munsters on Thursdays
and Flipper and The Jackie Gleason Show on Saturdays. 

In January 1966, Shindig! was cancelled and replaced in its Thursday time slot by Batman, who was obviously influenced by the prior tenants.

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