Friday, April 08, 2016

The (Wood)Kids Are Coming Up From Behind

I may be
 "losing my edge to the kids whose footsteps I hear when they get on the decks" ,
but I was there when this one was born and
this kid is alright.

In 2013, CJ Wohlman brought us into his Corner on RFW and turned us on to
with his amazing debut full-length release The Golden Age, which followed his 2011 Iron EP.

We've been patiently anticipating his second, but instead we get the OST of Desierto the new
Jonás Cuarón prequel to Gravity!

Woodkid writes: 

I’m very proud to announce my collaboration with Director Jonás Cuarón and Producer Alfonso Cuarón on their new film project, ‘Desierto’. 

I’ve spent the last 3 months in studio composing and producing the entire score of the film.

The film is in a way a de facto prequel to ‘Gravity’. Jonás and Alfonso were working on the screenplay of ‘Desierto’ when they had a very similar concept and put it in space. So ‘Desierto’ has a lot of themes similar to ‘Gravity.’ It’s about someone in a spectacularly peaceful but perilous environment trying to get home.

Jonás Cuarón has previously written several films including the Academy Award-winning ‘Gravity’ with his father, Alfonso Cuarón, and has directed several films including last year’s ‘Gravity’ spinoff short, ‘Aningaaq’.”

The Woodkid 2016 World Tour is being planned now.

Run Boys & Girls Run

You'll be able to say you were there!

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