Friday, November 11, 2016

RFW REWIND - The Apocalypse End

War is over
If YOU want it
I want it!

The Doors 
The Clash 
The Stooges 
The New York Dolls
Jimi Hendrix
John Lennon 
Patrick Gleeson
Richard Beggs 
Bernard L. Krause 
Mickey Hart 
Airto Moriera 
Martin Sheen 
Robert Duvall 
Marlon Brando 
and an incredibly talented supporting cast of musicians, actors, editors and recordists. 


* In honor of Veteran's Day and the courageous men and women that have fought in past and present wars and those that might fight in (hopefully never to come) future wars, RFW respectfully rewinds  to a set I have been perfecting since 1979!

This Transmission is one of my proudest RFW moments 
and it takes on eerie, frightening and poignant weight
with the current state of the USA. the world
and continued lack of care and respect given to our soldiers and veterans.

The following is the text from the original post:

"Apocalypse Now" almost cost director Francis Ford Coppola his life! It gave to the world a night-fever look at the underbelly of the Vietnam War and burned phrases like "terminate with extreme prejudice" and "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" into our collective brain. 

It's Original Soundtrack is one of the best examples of the marriage of music and cinema. Constructed by Coppola and his father Carmine Coppola, the use of "The End" is so effectively intertwined with the ominous sound of Patrick Gleeson's moog helicopters in the distance that it never fails to invoke chills and visions of the ravaged fields of Vietnam under heavy attack - the flames, the smoke, the sounds and Jim Morrison's dark poetry all synchronized together by them like master-magicians. Francis, I'm still stunned and amazed.

If it has been awhile or if by any chance you have never seen "Apocalypse Now", "Apocalypse Now Redux" or the equally compelling documentary by Eleanor Coppolla "Hearts Of Darkness :A Filmaker's Apocalypse", I recommend that you make it a point to do it today or soon."

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