Sunday, November 20, 2016

Transmission 7016 - Breakfast Buzz & Hum

A spiked coffee Sunday

Bill Laswell
David Sylvian
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Brian Eno
Pink Floyd

"Absolutely Curtains"


*Cliff Jones, the author of the Pink Floyd song study "Echos",
 wrote about "Absolutely Curtains" from the album "Obscured By Clouds":  
"...the track fades into the chanting of the Mapuga tribe. The words to this song are indecipherable, even to those who speak New Guinean. There are approximately 717 native different dialects and, as is the case in India, few of these different dialects can be understood by speakers 
of any of the others! Needless to say, the Mapuga didn't attend the sessions, 
and the Floyd dubbed the chant from the sound recordist's tapes, 
recorded on location in New Guinea."

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