Friday, April 07, 2017

Transmission 2617 - It's How You Play It

Sometimes, to win,
you have to get a little pie in the eye!

Wayne Montana & The Mindbenders
The Waitresses
The Rolling Stones
David Bowie
John Lee Hooker
Rotary Connection
Fleetwood Mac
Jimmy Page & the Black Crows
Peter Green's Splinter Group
Def Leppard
Daft Punk
Roy Harper

"all you have to do is fall in love"


Image result for stubby kaye - shenanigans

* Hats off to Stubby Kaye, the host of Shenanigans, 
a "kid's game show that debuted on ABC in 1964 and lasted for 39 episodes. 
I think Uncle Stubby had a very happy glow about him most Saturday mornings. 
As an eight year old, these shows were very important to my eventual mental maturity

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