Friday, April 21, 2017

Transmission 3117 - Tune Pimp

We charge by the beat!

Death From Above 1979
The Tubes
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Soft Machine
Jimi Hendrix
Pat Metheny
Gary Clark Jr.
King Biscuit Boy
Aynsley Dunbar - Blue Whale


* Alan Holdsworth was the featured guitarist for Soft Machine on the 1975 release Bundles. 
He recently passed at the tender age of 70!

Image result for allan holdsworth

*The 1974 drive-in blacktacular Willie Dynamite starred Roscoe Orman (yes, Gordon from Sesame Street!) as a sweet badass badass with a foxy stable and killer soundtrack.
Rent it soon for a few hours of pleasure  
but bring it back on time
or else!


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