Friday, November 03, 2017

Transmission 8717 - What Does HSR Mean To You?

Turn to the dog-eared page and follow
as we whip ourselves into
A Roman Mood
with a little help from my friends!

Human Sexual Response
Unnatural Axe
The Freeze
Mission Of Burma
The Neighborhoods
The Real Kids
Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band
The Cars
November Group
Suede Cowboys
Someone & The Sombodys


"Love's no excuse to procreate"


* Boston in the late seventies/early eighties was very fertile musical ground, especially for those of the more subverted, adventurous and experimental variety! 

I was in the epicenter of the local scene as an original host of the ever-present 
Late Risers Club on WTBS/WMBR and WBCN 
playing records by (now) legendary bands such as those included in tonight's Transmission. 

A favorite then and now was/is Human Sexual Response. Their two studio albums Fig.14 and In A Roman Mood are available for your at home pleasure and I thought you would enjoy these archived videos, including the infamous closing of 5 All Night (a local late-night TV show). Fines were levied butt fun was had by all. The dance floor is filled with a who's who of club-dwellers such as our fearless radio leader Oedipus, Lou Miami, Jeannie Miller and so many others. 

I'm literally out the door in a few minutes to attend the 
40th Year Reunion HSR Concert and obligatory after-party! 
I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, hearing great music 
and getting into more rock and roll trouble. 
Insanity ensues!

**A great show in Boston by both Unnatural Axe and Human Sexual Response.
Richie Parsons and the boys ripped it up all over the crowed in typical UA fashion!

 HSR never sounded or looked better! So cool to see so many favorite faces at the same time. A special thanks to Windle and the band for their hospitality and talent

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Mike Bike said...

Thank you for this show! Love Human Sexual Response. Was able to see them in concert at a small club near Vacaville California in the early 1980s. The audience was dancing wildly! Who could resist lyrics like "I licked Betty Ford's boots, she wore them all over China" Cheers - crackzodiac
p.s. I used to be a fan of the Late Risers Club, lots of great music. Thanks so much.

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