Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Transmission 2307

After playing all new music on Monday and 3 obscure German bands on Tuesday, today I break out of the gate with some (semi) familiar bands -Blue Oyster Cult, Radio Birdman, Foghat and Flammin' Groovies. We do Billy songs with Peter Wolf, Iggy Pop and Phish and then a Ray Charles set with Humble Pie and the genius himself. To end things we take the Last Song from France's Moving Gelatine Plates debut. This band has two lp's from the early 70's and they have been astounding me for over 3 decades! Maximum volume on this one!

T2307 is a 55.5MB 128k mp3 1:00:48 in length made loud to be played loud!

"We pulled into the liquor store and he was underage and all he said to me was put your money away"


1 comment:

EB Frank said...

Foxboro Stadium: Edgar Winter, Wet Willie and Humble Pie. We ripped the tarp off the field to shelter us from the pouring rain and they ended up stopping the show when the lighting started. WOW!

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