Saturday, April 21, 2007


Tune In & Turn On (A Sixties Happening)

This collaboration with the mysterious Elvis "Sparkles" Bowie* explores the inner-reaches of your psychedelic mind. Along with random bursts of multi-colored light, our trip back to the end of a wild decade includes selections from Tommy James & The Shondells, The Vanilla Fudge, Donovan, Iron Butterfly, The Animals, Blue Cheer, The Buffalo Springfield, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, The Electric Prunes, Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, The Zombies, The Troggs, Them, The Amboy Dukes, Crow, Shadows Of Night, The Seeds and a perfect End from The Doors. Very far out man!

HAL32 is a 2 Part 128k mp3 made loud to be played loud!

Part 1 is 64MB and 1:09:56 in length.

Part 2 is 63MB and 1:08:52 in length.

"I think that maybe I'm dreaming"


* Today's Executive Producer Elvis "Sparkles" Bowie is in reality Frank DiMarzo from my hometown of East Boston, one of my oldest and best friends. The majority of the concerts I saw in my teenage years, I saw with Frank. Thank you for the participation my brother.


EB said...

Dave thanx for the memories and a kick ass show but what you did not tell your listeners is when we snuck into The Boston Garden for CSN&Y we watched them rehearse the entire show lying under the seats. It was there 1st concert since they broke up. The 60's is where it all started. The arrangement and song sellection was 1st rate, must have dusted off some of that old vinal for this show!


Great job EB!

Thanks for inspiration!

Part of the challenge was sneaking into the Boston Garden without getting eaten by the guard dogs or maced by the rent-a-cops!

But we were good kids at heart!

Your brother,


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