Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Transmission 7807

It's Monkey Brain Sushi* for all during today's multi-course banquet! We begin with an appetizer of Jansen, Barbieri & Karn, Paul Haslinger and The Books. Our main course includes Krokodil, Climax Blues Band, Bryan Ferry and Joy Division. To top of the meal, we indulge in a rich dessert of Julian Cope, The Wildhearts, David Bowie and Cream. Boy am I full!

T7807 is a 58.3MB 128k mp3 1:03:47 in length made loud to be played loud!

"I'm the one"


*According to the urban legend debunker site, one of the most well-known reports of monkey brains being consumed in China happened around 1948. The account describes a live monkey brought to a dinner table, place and secured in a hole in the center of the table. A tool of some sort is used to slice open the top of the creature's skull, and its brains are scooped out and consumed raw. This practice was said to not only be a rare treat, but also it also brought forth medicinal healing properties for those who ate the monkey brains. The monkey did not fare as well.

Click the picture of "Chilled Monky Brains" or here to visit Indiana


Zer0_II said...

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I'm back to work on my blog. I apologize for the leave of absence, but it had to be done.


Hi Zero,

You were missed! Welcome back my friend!


EB said...


I did not realize that The Climax Blues Band had such swagger. Nice selection and a very good show.


Hi EB,
There are lot's of great lp's from those guys as well!

I'm glad you like your monkey brains!


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