Monday, April 16, 2007

Transmission 7607

Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace* is just one of the many herbal varieties in today's RFW garden of delights. Lemon Jelly takes us for a Space Walk, Japan lives the Quiet Life and we can dance with James to the Fourth Power - Misters Brown, Chance, Carter and Blood Ulmer. The last herb to burn is a massive slab of live Mandrake Root from early Deep Purple Mach 2! And does it burn!

T7607 is a 65.7MB 128k mp3 1:11:50 in length made loud to be played loud!

"Mama come here quick and bring me that lickin' stick"


*Leroy “Horse Mouth” Wallace, so named because of his wide and tooth-full grin, was one the top reggae session drummers of the mid-70s and star of the "Rockers" movie. But when he took the mic, as he did only occasionally, the results were stunning. Today's selection "Herb Vendor", a wonderfully bizarre record, was originally issued on Lee Perry’s Justice League label. I mistakenly called him Larry during the show - apologies Leroy!

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