Sunday, September 25, 2011


 Radio as a career, like real life, has been for me a world populated by heroes and villains, friends and foes and times of great happiness and deep sorrow!

I have been having radio dreams lately. Many of them have not been of the pleasurable variety. Last night's dream actually dictated most of this tome. It certainly had something to do with me knowing that today was the start of the 6th year of Radio Free Wohlman. But it also is reflective of the bigger picture and the ultimate questions - Who am I(?), What am I doing here(?), What is my purpose in life(?)!

Answering a reoccurring question I receive from the RFW Family, Radio Free Wohlman is Wohlman Radio Free of Assholes, Bureaucrats, Consultants, Deadlines, Envy, Formats, Games, Hostility, Insurrection, Judas', Knownothingism, Lemmings, Management, Nepotism, Owners, Pessimism, Quotas, Restrictions, Stress, Timidity, Ultimatums, Villainousness, Wankery, Xenophobes, Yelling and Zenophobes.

Although most, if not all of these words are still occasionally applicable in my life, when I enter the world of RFW they have no relevance. When words lose their relevance, they lose their meaning. Words with no meaning cease to exist!

I am extremely lucky to have found something that gives me such pleasure, satisfaction and peace. The past 5 years have been incredible and I'm very thankful that you have found time in your busy life to listen to these Transmissions. It would not be the same without you.

We are Radio Free Wohlman!

Dave RFW


MIk Maz said...

Knowing you have this come out because you can is a good reason to listen. I liek the NO BS aspect of the 'cast. Thank you all the way from East Boston, MA

Radio Free Wohlman said...

I appreciate the kind words my EB brother!

Dave RFW

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