Saturday, March 03, 2012

Transmission 1712

Prepare your self for the worst and most crazy Transmission of RFW in years - but it does contain the killer sounds of Aletha & The Memories, 10cc, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Mel Brooks by way of the OST of The 12 Chairs, Burning Spear, Magazine, Alice Cooper, Gov't Mule, Supertramp and the triumphant return of Neil Young & Crazy Horse!

T1712 is a 58.3mb 128k mp3 1:03:46 in length made loud to be played loud!

"is the nightmare black or are the windows painted?"


"He came dancing across the water

With his Galleons and his Guns

Looking for the New World

In that Palace in the Sun...."

After being repulsed by the Aztecs, Hernan Cortez beat a quick path back across the seas to Spain, where he spun wild lies about Montezuma and his followers.

He told the King and Queen of Spain that the Aztecs hungered for CONVERSION to CHRISTIANITY and that Montezuma was against them, so they STONED him to death.....

Cortez told them of all the Gold and treasure there, just waiting to fill the Spanish coffers....

He was awarded a new fleet, one far larger.....

He returned to Mexico with a VENGEANCE..

He knew his men would rebel if they knew his plans....

There had been a Smallpox outbreak in Spain...

Cortez had brought along Smallpox infected goods to trade with the Aztecs...

He scuttled and burned his fleet upon arrival...

Made false peace with the Aztecs...

Waited for them to become SICK...

"On the shore lay MONTEZUMA

With his Coca leaves and his Pearls

In his halls he often wondered

of the secrets of the worlds.."

The GODS had indeed returned, hungry for everything that they could get their hands on.

Cortez refused to communicate with Spain until he had wiped out most of the Aztecs and sent the rest running through the jungles.

TEOTIHUACAN was his....

"And his subjects gathered 'round him

Like leaves around a tree

In their clothes of many colors

for the Angry Gods to see

And the women were all beautiful

and the men stood straight and strong

They offered life in Sacrifice

So that others could go on..."

Cortez is really responsible for most of what has been said about Ritual and sacrifice at TEOTIHUACAN.

He had every reason to make the stories as gory and bloody as possible.

He needed the complicity of the Church to complete what he had started.

He needed RELIGION to placate and confuse those thousands he had taken hostage...

"Hate was just a LEGEND

And WAR was never known

The people worked together

And they lifted many stones..."

The version we have of MONTEZUMA is incorrect.

He has been painted by historians as a weak-willed individual that had no idea how to effectively govern when just the opposite is true.

He UNITED all the various Aztec/Mayan/Toltec/Zapotec City-States...

Centralized government....

Increased TRADE and AGRICULTURE....

His people were QUITE happy with him before the Spanish arrived, in fact, he was considered to be a Demi-God...

He was BLINDED by Religion and Superstition only.

"They carried them to the flatlands

And they died along the way

But they built up with their bare hands

what we can't do today...."

"And I know she's still living there

And she loves me to this day

I still can't remember when

Or HOW I lost my way

He came dancin' across the water

Cortez, Cortez

What a Killer...."

He wiped out an EMPIRE of peaceful people...

And NEVER knew peace again...

* During the Transmission, I mentioned that my beautiful wife Pam and I celebrated Alice Cooper's birthday with him in his tour bus parked behind the Warfield Theater in San Francisco on April 6th, 1990. One of the most surreal moments in my long strange trip of a career was me singing to Alice standing around a Coffin Cake .What made the post-concert party even more unreal was the fact that Boston Radio Legend and fellow WBCN Alumni Maxanne Sartori was there for the festivities (I believe she had a gig in Monterrey at the time). I was Maxanne's Listener Line and In-Studio Intern in 1974 when I was a fledgling broadcasting school student with stars in his eyes and she was one of the main reasons I do what has now been my career for 39 years. To be with the woman I loved the most -Pam, the woman that infuenced me most - Maxanne and the woman that that wasn't really a woman who's albums I worship the most - Alice all at the same time was emotionally orgasmic! Thanks for the invite Alice!

RFW with Pam and Alice - a night I will never forget!

Maxanne Sartori - My teenage WBCN Afternoon Drive Rock 'n' Roll Queen! You were the best Max (and I'm sure you still are - miss you old friend!)

Maxanne's Photo by Steve Nelson
(Thanks Steve!)

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