Saturday, March 10, 2012

Transmission 2012

Black is the color that does not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum - therefore it is metaphorically used to denote things of a dark nature - it is also beautiful when the subject of songs by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Ministry, Don Crawford, Humble Pie, Paris, Kiss, Wayne Shorter, Bee Gees, Blind Blake, Nick Drake, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Todd Rundgen & Utopia, Tom Waits, Steely Dan, Lord Sitar, Ethal Waters, Louis Armstrong, IamOmni, Dr. John, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Miles Davis, James Brown, Ken Boothe, Billy Paul, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Ben Harper & The Restless 7, Was (Not Was) and Queen!

T2012 is a 2-part 128k mp3!

Part 1 is 55.8mb and 1:01:02 in length!

Part 2 is 64.8mb 1:10:49 in length!

"Baby's In Black and I'm feelin' blue!


I did not get to this one in the Transmission - but it would not be Black enough without it!

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