Sunday, March 11, 2012

Transmission 2112

The first time I saw him with the Edgar Winter Group - I left the show with my ears ringing and a huge impression. Then it was his band Montrose featuring a young Sammy Hagar opening a triple bill of Humble Pie and Spooky Tooth - ferocious! Gamma was next - and they shredded! Years later, I moved to the San Fransisco/San Jose Bay Area and had the privilege to become friends. I found that his character and gentleness surpassed his obvious musical talents. Ronald Douglas "Ronnie" Montrose will be missed by RFW and fans around the world.

The second set is extraneous only since the songs do not pertain to Ronnie, but they captured my present day sentiments perfectly - guarded optimism and genuine love. Thanks to Rod Stewart, Boxer, Nutz, David Werner, Marvin Gaye and Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush!

T2112 is mb 128k 60.1mp3 1:05:41 in length made loud to be played louder!

"I believe there is a place for us"


*You can check out the amazing discography of Ronnie Montrose here - real Rock Ear Candy!

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