Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~Ears, Heart, Soul and Brain~


The artistic process of RFW is akin to instruments like a Mellotron or Emulator, musicians such as turntablists and samplists and sound artists that utilize field recordings and shortwave. The creation is accomplished by "playing" pre-recorded or found sounds and arranging, altering, editing and sequencing them to make something old become something new.

Radio has been my schooling, profession and passion for 42 years. But aside from a select and diminishing number of commercial signals as well as persistent and revolving college shows and their presenters, the artistic quality of radio is nearly extinct. Even better than average channels and programming on products such as Sirius, Pandora and Spotify are the result of a well informed person(s) knowingly feeding great and quality selections into a data-base and allowing software and algorithms to introduce and or automate their flow and rotation. The hosts, although often charming, entertaining and capable, are usually reduced to the role of talking-head.

In 2006, when I first launched this my dream "station", I was very aware that what I was undertaking was a rare and endangered species. Music is my poetry, my cinema, my literature and my inspiration. I relate songs, tones, tunes and tempos to events, feelings, news and incidents I live, observe, feel and wish to articulate about, then create a new piece of art to share with you. They are not intended to be definitive or autobiographical, just as every painting is not perfect or a mirror-image self-portrait, yet all bear the unmistakable mark of it's creator.

Whether my motivation is thematic, intended to convey an emotion, make a point or musically random - the results are always a transformation of many separate and unique pieces from equally different talents into a new source of enjoyment funneled though my ears, heart, soul and brain.  

As we end this year and start 2015, I am proud to not only continue, but to also evolve and mutate each Transmission into an addition that stands alone in the gallery of the blog but, also fits those that came before or will be realized in the future like a living, breathing puzzle that will never be completed.
Please remember, I do this for the artists, myself and YOU!

Happy New Year from Radio Free Wohlman!

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