Monday, December 22, 2014

~A Christmas Gift For You~


It feels like an authentic end of an era, or is it the Phoenix rising? 

This has been my favorite seasonal song since November of 1963 (I was 7), when my very cool cousin Henrietta bought "A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector". I have played it for my own enjoyment or on the radio for your's every year since then. But for all intents and purposes, I heard it and understood it for the very first time the other night watching Darlene Love perform it for the very last time on the soon to be a memory
Late Night with Dave Letterman

It does not matter if the singing narrator asks nicely or demands compliance. Our wants and needs do not motivate or change the outcome. In fact, it often pushes the person in the opposite direction!  

The person being sung to has many choices. They can come back home to where they once belonged, go home for the first time to where they do belong, or stay where they are and ignore all invitations - for home is truly where the heart is.

-  everyone is better off if the person you thought you wanted to return stays away.
 - the place the person afraid of change could find is the home they always dreamed of.
 -  there is no better company than your own.

Don't come home because you are wanted.
Don't go home because you are wanted.
Don't stay home because you are wanted and can't be or are afraid to be honest.

Be where you want to be because it makes you a happier and better person!

Be careful of what you ask for - you might get it.
Feel the joy of loving and being loved.
Understand how lucky you are to have somewhere to live and/or someone that cares.
 Work hard everyday to make it work for all the years that follow.  

May you, your family and your furry friends have a very Merry

"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"


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