Wednesday, January 21, 2015

~Fire Walk With Us~

Transmission 1015

I have always been drawn to the sights and sounds of David Lynch. They say (whoever they are?) that like-minds think alike. Which solves a mystery more pressing than who put a fish in the percolator! From Lost Highway, Twin Peaks and Eraserhead to Crazy Clown Time, Big Dream and The Air Is On Fire to name just a few, the strangely compelling sights and sounds of this director, musician, author and artist speak to me in a secret code that makes the undecipherable obvious. Why?

Yesterday (January 20th), while I was celebrating my birthday, it came to my attention that I shared this special anniversary with my name-sake. Now I understand - I think! 

Enter the Black Lodge of the Wohlman Archives with Agent Gordon Cole, Dale, Shelly, The Log Lady, Annie, Norma and Bobby at The Double D Diner as well as David Bowie, Dean Hurley, Venetian Snares, Angelo Badalamenti, Peter Ivers and Trent Reznor!

 T1015 is a 1:08:24 158mb 320k made loud to be played louder! 

"In Heaven everything is fine"


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