Friday, January 02, 2015

~It Burns You When It's Hot (Like A Rocket)~

Transmission 215

First we shine the RFW Spotlight on Love And Rockets including the intertwined sounds of Bauhaus and Tones On Tail!

Then it's a tip of the hat directed to one of the 2014 recipients of The Kennedy Center Honors, Sting!

T215 consists of two 320k mp3s made loud to be played louder!

Part 1 is 129mb and 56:43 in length!

Part 2 is 151mb and 1:06:10 in length!

"I could be lost inside their lies without a trace, but every time I close my eyes I see your face"


*Love And Rockets consisted of Daniel Ash, David J. and Kevin Haskins. All three were members of Bauhaus with Peter Murphy. And Ash and Haskins added Glen Campling on drums for their project Tones On Tail!

**Along with Gordon Mathew Thomas Sumner, the other honorees bestowed this years recognition were the right Reverend Al Green (worthy of a full future RFW Transmission), everyone's bosom buddy Tom Hanks, the ever-graceful Patricia McBride and the consistently wonderful Lily Tomlin - and that's the truth (raspberry)!

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